Installed Markdown

Ive taken the advice of Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery in their Get Involved! Pluralsight course and have installed Markdown (or perhaps more accurately the Markdown on Save Improved plugin). I havent even begun to get to grips with the syntax, but I can certainly see how much easier its going to become to write posts.

Speaking of which, Ive realized why Im finding it harder and harder to write. (Excuse the over use of Markdown)

Im basically doing very very little SharePoint at the moment!

In my 9-5 job (which is more like 8-5 + work from home) Im acting as a Product Owner and in those rare moments where I do get some me time Im revising for 70-486.

The Get Involved! course warns about using names that pigeon hole you into something, so Ive dropped the SharePoint from the blog name.

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