I’m a software engineer working mainly in the South West of England. With over 17 different years' of experience across the whole development lifecycle, I've worked on initial project scoping through to project delivery. With roles ranging between unit tester to architect.

As such, I consider myself as a T-Shaped person with the most depth in .NET, Agile methods and JavaScript.

Most of the older content on this site is from my days working as a Scrum Master. I'm keeping it around in the hope that it helps someone. The Halloween Special Retrospective in particular gets a bit of traffic each year in October.

Current Focus

I'm trying to stay up to date with all things .NET and Azure. If that wasn't hard enough, it's becoming increasingly popular for a .NET backend to be sitting behind a front-end built using a JavaScript framework such as React, Vue or Angular. A decent chunk of my time is spent staying up to date with React and Vue.

My current aim is to switch from a rabid consumer to a prolific producer. Using this site to share my knowledge, focussing on helping others C#/.NET developers feel comfortable working with JavaScript in the front end.

I'm constantly striving to learn, so if you think I'm missing a trick, please get in touch at https://twitter.com/mattdufeu.

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