I’m an independent .NET Developer working mainly in the South West of England. I've got 16 different years' of experience across the whole development lifecycle.

I've worked on initial project scoping through to project delivery and all tasks in between from unit tester to architect.

As such, I consider myself as a T-Shaped person with the most depth in .NET and Agile methods.

Not management?

In late 2016, I decided the managerial career route wasn't for me. The lack of hands on coding was too high a price to pay. So I decided to go out on my own and keep my hands "dirty".

A fair bit of the older content on this blog comes from the days I was a scrum master. I think it's still useful others in the same boat, but as you'll see, the newer content in more technical in nature.

Current Focus

I'm trying to stay up to date with all things .NET and Azure. But I also spend a lot of my time working with React and React Native.

My current big push is to switch from a rabid consumer to a prolific producer of content.

I'm striving to learn. So if you think I'm missing a trick, please get in touch at https://twitter.com/mattdufeu.

Work With Me

I help companies deliver their ideas to their customers faster.

Whether you need help adopting agile practices, or you need an experienced head to bolster velocity by being hands on, I can help.

If you would like to work with me, or find out more about what I can do to help, drop me an email at matt@mattdufeu.co.uk.

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