Upcoming Language Feature Changes in C# 6

If you’re a C# programmer and haven’t been living in a cave, you’ll know big changes are coming. Now the Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate is available to download, I figured it was a good time to jump on board and see what all the fuss is about.

Visual Studio 2015 isn’t just an IDE update. It seems almost everything is being updated, changed or replaced for vNext! One of the bigger updates is the new Rosyln compiler, which among a host of news tricks, are the new language features in C#. It’s here that I decided to start my playing.

I’m not going to write anything earth shattering, and there are lots of (better) blog posts on these changes, but I find the things I’ve written about not only stay in my head longer, but it helps me dig deeper that if I just played with it. I haven’t tried all of the features yet, and I may well miss the point of a few of them, but we’re all learning right?

This post will act as an index to the other posts, but for the moment I’m planning posts on the following features and their uses:

  1. Auto-Property Changes
  2. Static Members
  3. Index Initializer
  4. Exception filters
  5. Await in catch/finally
  6. Expression Body members
  7. Null-conditional operators
  8. String interpolation

Please note, these changes aren’t being forced on you when you upgrade to VS2015. But playing with “new and shiny” is high up on every ones priorities so give them a try.

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