Just Write Something

I’ve just renewed the hosting and domain for this place and in two years I’ve written 14 posts… including this one!

Clearly I’m not an active blogger, but during some reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been putting off a lot stuff. What’s worse, when I do sit down I seem to get very little done as I’m over-thinking.

Turning Point?

Like anything nowadays, I turned to my friend google (other search engines are available) and came across this post from Scott Hanselman Analysis Paralysis: Over-thinking and Knowing Too Much to Just CODE which rung very true.

From the number of comments, I’m clearly not the only person and there seems to be various ways people (try to) overcome it. I particularly liked the Chistopher Svec’s comment of “I usually have these 2 xkcd comics close at hand to help remind me to Just Do It / YAGNI” referring to https://xkcd.com/974/ & http://xkcd.com/1205/.

And if by coincidence, the first post on Christopher’s blog (at the time of writing has a title of:

“Doing nothing is cheap. Failure is cheaper.”

Sums it up nicely. Off to think about coding 🙂

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