Command Pattern in Web API2 with MediatR and Ninject

I ran across MediatR the other day while looking into the command pattern. I’ve been working a lot with micro-services. So I wanted to see how I could use the Command Pattern in Web API 2 with MediatR and Ninject. Project Configuration From the project wiki, it seems Jimmy Bogard prefers StructureMap as a DI […]

Convert unix epoch time to DateTime in C#

I recently had to convert unix epoch time to DateTime and like the rest of the world turned to stackoverflow. The top answer is a very simple solution of adding the unix time, which is in milliseconds, to a DateTime of 1/1/1970. Nothing wrong with that, but it turns out it was added into DateTimeOffset […]

Get Public Key Token for an Assembly

This is going to be a quick post as I’m hoping that posting about it will help me remember. At worse, I should be able to remember I posted about it and find this page. There are numerous times when you need to need to reference an assembly using the fully qualified name, e.g.: MyNamespace.MyAssembly, […]