Applying Scrum to self-education

I’ve been reading a lot in the last couple of months about self-education and in particular how to overcome procrastination. I realised I was making great plans to “learn X” or “build Y”, spending ages planning it all out but not following through when it came time to actually do it. Sound familiar? Research One […]

Is the Scrum Master a disruptive role?

While talking to one of my team during our regular chats, the number of changes I’ve challenged the team with came up. I was glad when he said he could see the value in them, but was surprised when he said he initially saw them as a disruption. The scrum master role is seen as […]

Retrospective Experience – Happiness Index using a Niko Niko Calendar

In the last month or so, I’ve been trying to change tactics for how I approach increasing velocity. I think this all started with a tweet from Luis Gonçalves: Its my impression or #ScrumMasters that are developers care little or nothing with team building activities? Share your opinion 🙂 #scrum — Luis Gonçalves (@lgoncalves1979) February […]

Retrospective Experience – Halloween Special

The end of the sprint was approaching and I was researching which technique to try next, when I saw this tweet from @aaronjmckenna which I had to try: Running a Halloween Themed Retrospective! #Agile #Retrospective #ContinuousImprovement — Aaron McKenna (@aaronjmckenna) October 31, 2014 Thankfully the team are used to the 5 stages technique so […]

Sprint Planning Technique – Group Sorting

Do your sprint planning meetings contain a lot of disagreements and arguments? Are you spending more time trying to decide how many points a PBI is worth than it would take to develop it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To combat this, my current team tried a technique which worked really well. Not only did […]