Verify WordPress Backups Using Azure

I suffered some minor data loss today which I managed to restore from backup, but not before a few minutes of “why can’t I restore”. It reminded me of the classic quote: “Backups always succeed. It’s restores that fail.” I then realised that although this site is backed up via the excellent UpdraftPlus Backup / […]

Just Write Something

I’ve just renewed the hosting and domain for this place and in two years I’ve written 14 posts… including this one! Clearly I’m not an active blogger, but during some reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been putting off a lot stuff. What’s worse, when I do sit down I seem to get […]

Installed Markdown

I’ve taken the advice of Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery in their Get Involved! Pluralsight course and have installed Markdown (or perhaps more accurately the Markdown on Save Improved plugin). I haven’t even begun to get to grips with the syntax, but I can certainly see how much easier it’s going to become to write […]

Get Public Key Token for an Assembly

This is going to be a quick post as I’m hoping that posting about it will help me remember. At worse, I should be able to remember I posted about it and find this page. There are numerous times when you need to need to reference an assembly using the fully qualified name, e.g.: MyNamespace.MyAssembly, […]


Hi and welcome to my blog about all things SharePoint (hence the sp in the url). I’m a software engineer working in the South West of ¬†England and have recently discovered SharePoint. I’ve spent the previous 2-3 years as a Technical Analyst so I’m really enjoying getting back in touch with my inner code monkey. […]