Retrospective Experience – Halloween Special

The end of the sprint was approaching and I was researching which technique to try next, when I saw this tweet from @aaronjmckenna which I had to try: Running a Halloween Themed Retrospective! #Agile #Retrospective #ContinuousImprovement — Aaron McKenna (@aaronjmckenna) October 31, 2014 Thankfully the team are used to the 5 stages technique so […]

Sprint Planning Technique – Group Sorting

Do your sprint planning meetings contain a lot of disagreements and arguments? Are you spending more time trying to decide how many points a PBI is worth than it would take to develop it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To combat this, my current team tried a technique which worked really well. Not only did […]

Retrospective Experience – Self-Assessment plus Circles and Soup

After recapping the previous sprint retrospective actions, where I’m pleased to say we made a handful of small improvements, I introduced the team to the notion of team self-assessments. We all agreed it was worthwhile, so completed SAFe ScrumXP Self-Assessment which despite some disagreements took about 15 minutes. I won’t share the result, but it’s […]