Command Pattern in Web API2 with MediatR and Ninject

I ran across MediatR the other day while looking into the command pattern. I’ve been working a lot with micro-services. So I wanted to see how I could use the Command Pattern in Web API 2 with MediatR and Ninject. Project Configuration From the project wiki, it seems Jimmy Bogard prefers StructureMap as a DI […]

Angular 2 First Impressions

I’m very lucky that my new job uses Angular 2. I thought it would be useful to write up my Angular 2 First Impressions after following the Tour Of Heroes Tutorial. Full Disclosure – I’ve been using React.js for the last year. At the moment, although I like Angular 2, I prefer some of the […]

How To Setup Intellisense in VSCode for React.js

I’ve been getting back into React.js development and was missing the rich developer experience visual studio gives you with things like intellisense. I thought I had something working as Ctrl+Space opened intellisense with a sensible suggestion, but this turned out to be the IDE using what I’d typed earlier to make an educated guess. Clever, […]

70-532 – Video Resources – Review

I’ve now watched the videos in my 70-532 Study Resources post, during which I made the following notes. MVA – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals This is a level 200 series so doesn’t go into a large amount of technical detail. It’s a good introduction, but should be old news for anyone thinking of taking the exam. […]

Scrum Master Tip – Team Consensus

In Scrum Master Tip – Many Voices I listed a few things to try if your team meetings are dominated by one person and you want to hear from the others in the team. On a similar note, I’ve found the following tips useful to Team consensus on decisions. Issue to Avoid Failing to get […]

Convert unix epoch time to DateTime in C#

I recently had to convert unix epoch time to DateTime and like the rest of the world turned to stackoverflow. The top answer is a very simple solution of adding the unix time, which is in milliseconds, to a DateTime of 1/1/1970. Nothing wrong with that, but it turns out it was added into DateTimeOffset […]

Who owns impediments?

In a previous post I listed some of the different types of impediment to identify as a scrum master. In this post I’m going to go through the same types and list who I think should own them and some ideas of how to try and remove them. Types of Impediment In the same order […]