70-532 – Video Resources – Review

I’ve now watched the videos in my 70-532 Study Resources post, during which I made the following notes.

MVA – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This is a level 200 series so doesn’t go into a large amount of technical detail. It’s a good introduction, but should be old news for anyone thinking of taking the exam.

I found “Creating an Organizational Account and Subscription” and “How Do I:Manage Subscriptions and Service Administrators”, where Bob creates a sub-directory and a new subscription for the sales department, the most useful. It’s not something I’d setup before and I imagine most don’t often see this side of Azure.


“Why Microsoft Azure”

  • Up to about 7 minutes 30 seconds is a good list of required skills and definitions for Azure as a whole.

“The Scope of Microsoft Azure Services”

  • Good advice to think of each service with respect to the business problem it can solve.

“Creating an Organizational Account and Subscription”

  • ~ 5 minutes – Explanation of the different accounts and roles

“Understanding Subscriptions and Directories”

  • A subscription trusts only one Directory
  • One Directory can be trusted by many Subscriptions

“How Do I: Manage Subscriptions and Service Administrators”

  • Good analogy on the need for other directories and subscriptions
  • Good demo if you’ve never setup multi-subscriptions in 1 account before

MVA – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Websites

At Level 100, this is even more basic than the previous video. Unfortunately, as this series is relatively old, I think it’s a bit outdated as a lot of their time is spent in the “old portal”.

My advice is to read the section titles and if there’s anything on there you don’t feel comfortable with, watch just that bit.

MVA – Developing Microsoft Azure Solution

The section titles for this video are very useful and there are bookmarks/time stamps for specific terms.

I don’t normally administer SQL, so I found the Azure SQL Database section particularly useful as it was very hands on “click this, then this, this does this” etc.

The assessment questions in each section are also a lot better than the previous two videos. I recommend you do these at the very least.

Channel 9 – Exam Prep Session for Exam 70-532

I think this can be summarised as an even more condensed version of the MVA video above. Nothing new.


Although I am a fan of this style of learning, I think the subject is too broad. The presenters clearly know their stuff, but because of the time constraints, they have to rush and gloss over the details I suspect you need to pass the exam. To be fair, this is reflected in the low level the videos are marked as, which in case you don’t know is explained in this old Microsoft Standards Level Definitions post.

I can however, highly recommend the assessments at the end of each section in the Developing Microsoft Azure Solution course.

All in all, to get up to speed quickly, or as a refresher they’re excellent, but I doubt they are that useful for the exam.

If you’re struggling on a particular topic, have a skim at 2x speed, but I think for the depth of knowledge required for an exam, your study time would be spent on better things.

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