Retrospective Experience – Happiness Index using a Niko Niko Calendar

In the last month or so, I’ve been trying to change tactics for how I approach increasing velocity. I think this all started with a tweet from Luis Gonçalves: Its my impression or #ScrumMasters that are developers care little or nothing with team building activities? Share your opinion 🙂 #scrum — Luis Gonçalves (@lgoncalves1979) February […]

Add Grunt and ESLint to a MVC Project

This is part two of getting started with ESLint using Grunt where I will show you how to configure ESLint to analyse a MVC .NET Project. In part one I set-up our environment with node.js, Grunt-cli and finally Grunt for our project, but you couldn’t do much with it. In this post, I’ll install ESLint, […]