Angular 2 First Impressions

I’m very lucky that my new job uses Angular 2. I thought it would be useful to write up my Angular 2 First Impressions after following the Tour Of Heroes Tutorial. Full Disclosure – I’ve been using React.js for the last year. At the moment, although I like Angular 2, I prefer some of the […]

How To Setup Intellisense in VSCode for React.js

I’ve been getting back into React.js development and was missing the rich developer experience visual studio gives you with things like intellisense. I thought I had something working as Ctrl+Space opened intellisense with a sensible suggestion, but this turned out to be the IDE using what I’d typed earlier to make an educated guess. Clever, […]

70-532 – Video Resources – Review

I’ve now watched the videos in my 70-532 Study Resources post, during which I made the following notes. MVA – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals This is a level 200 series so doesn’t go into a large amount of technical detail. It’s a good introduction, but should be old news for anyone thinking of taking the exam. […]

Scrum Master Tip – Team Consensus

In Scrum Master Tip – Many Voices I listed a few things to try if your team meetings are dominated by one person and you want to hear from the others in the team. On a similar note, I’ve found the following tips useful to Team consensus on decisions. Issue to Avoid Failing to get […]

Convert unix epoch time to DateTime in C#

I recently had to convert unix epoch time to DateTime and like the rest of the world turned to stackoverflow. The top answer is a very simple solution of adding the unix time, which is in milliseconds, to a DateTime of 1/1/1970. Nothing wrong with that, but it turns out it was added into DateTimeOffset […]

Who owns impediments?

In a previous post I listed some of the different types of impediment to identify as a scrum master. In this post I’m going to go through the same types and list who I think should own them and some ideas of how to try and remove them. Types of Impediment In the same order […]

Scrum Master Tip – Many Voices

This is a quick tip that I struggled with when I started as a Scrum Master and wish someone told me about. Issue to Avoid One person talking for the majority of the time during retrospectives, although this applies to all meetings. Why is it a problem? One voice is not only boring for the […]